School Wars Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Student gangs fight with handguns, machetes, knives and homemade grenades. Vicious hazing isn't uncommon either at Thai educational institutions

No Bone Left Unturned Thailand

The South China Morning Post

In a bid to set troubled spirits free, locals exhume, clean and pamper the remains of neglected dead people at a graveyard

The Treasure Trunks Thailand

The South China Morning Post

The author meets a self-styled medium who claims to communicate with the female spirit of sacred trees who helps her worshippers win the lottery

When Whitening Strikes Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Lured by the promise of pearl-white complexions in ads on social media, young women fall for cheap creams that may leave them with unsightly skin conditions

Gunning for George Soros Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

A prestigious university in Budapest falls victim to the Hungarian government's vendetta against the Jewish billionaire

Questions of (In)tolerance Holland

The Jerusalem Report

Rising nationalism and Muslim anti-Semitism try Amsterdam's much-vaunted traditions of live-and-let-live

Fear and Loathing in Budapest Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

The Jewish community in Hungary is thriving, but so are nationalism, antisemitism and Holocaust revisionism

Battling BDS Jewish World

The Jerusalem Report

Pro-Israel scholars and activists seek to expose the blatant double standards at the heart of the global Boycott Israel movement

Hating Jews for Allah Muslim World

The Jerusalem Report

Pervasive anti-Semitism in the Islamic world is a telltale symptom of an underlying societal, cultural and religious malaise. And it frequently turns deadly

The Acid Test Cambodia

Post Magazine

Acid attacks leave victims not only horribly disfigured but also shunned as social pariahs widely seen as deserving of their fate

Battle of the Bloggers Israel

The Jerusalem Report

Pro-Israel bloggers are fighting back with hard truths and unminced words in defense of the Jewish state

On the Media Battlefield Israel

The Jerusalem Report

Pro-Israel media monitors say they are on a mission to keep the world's press on its toes

Fuhrer Friendly Fashion Thailand

The Jerusalem Report

In Thailand's latest outbreak of Nazi chic, Adolf Hitler has been reinvented as a series of cutesy cartoon characters for T-shirts

Witness to a Crackdown Thailand

The Jerusalem Post

Dodging bullets, I reported on a days-long bloody crackdown on anti-government demonstrators in Bangkok's shopping district

A ‘Lost Tribe’ of Headhunters India

The Jerusalem Report

At a remote corner of Northeast India, erstwhile headhunters believe themselves to be a Lost Tribe of Israel as they pine for a "return" to Zion

Death Wishes Thailand

The Sydney Sun Herald

Thai Buddhists are lining up to "die" at the Coffin Temple in the hope of gaining a new spiritual lease on life

Bangkok’s Korczak Thailand

The Jerusalem Report

In a Bangkok slum a Catholic priest puts into practice the teachings of a Polish Jewish pedagogue, who died in the Holocaust

Paradise Found – in Iran Middle East

The Jerusalem Report

In a lush valley beneath an extinct volcano, a British archaeologist claims to have found the site of the biblical Garden of Eden

Magical Mystery Tour India

The Jerusalem Report

For many Jews who have failed to find their answer to worldly chaos in Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism beckons

Making Amends Israel

The Jerusalem Report

Many young Germans have a love for the Jewish state, even going so far as to convert to Judaism to become Israelis

The Goldhagen Wars Canada

The Jerusalem Report

Attempts at censorship, lawsuits and claims of anti-Semitism abound in a saga that saw two scholars take on a controversial Holocaust bestseller


Cannibal Controversy Thailand

The South China Morning Post

A fiendish murderer who preyed on children and ate their organs? Or a hapless patsy framed for crimes by others? The jury is still out on a mummy

Anatomy of a Civil Serpent Thailand

The South China Morning Post

To some Thais the cobra is the ‘angel snake,’ which brings them luck; to others it is a creature whose blood can heal and energize them

Of Thugs and Thieves Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

A Hungarian film explores an old taboo: the dispossession of Jews by their friends and neighbors during the Holocaust

The Queens of Chess Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

The story of Hungary’s famed Polgár sisters gains a new lease on life in an Israeli documentary. And quite a story it is

In the House of Houdini Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

A Hungarian escape artist pays homage to the late and great illusionist with his stunts and private museum

Monk-y Business Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Buddhist monks sit in boiling oil and sweat magic crystals. Miracles? No, mere trickery. And two scientists can prove it

Holy Dolly! Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Spoiling them rotten by lavishing treats on them, many Thais go all out to pamper their "angel children" – plastic dolls, that is

Bear Necessities Cambodia

The Bangkok Post

Willow, Mokiyap, Baby Jesus and their myriad furry friends have gained a new lease on life, thanks to a grandma and her dedicated team

A Soul in Sheol Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

A low-budget Holocaust drama took the Cannes Film Festival by storm by offering a unique artistic perspective on a collective tragedy

Statue Stand-off Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

A monument at Budapest’s Freedom Square pays homage to the Hungarian "victims" of Nazi Germany. Local Jews are up in arms over it

True Grit Cambodia

Post Magazine

A Hollywood mogul turned his back on his high-flying career in Tinseltown to help the long-suffering residents of Phnom Penh's ghastly garbage dumps

Turning Them Bookish Laos

The Bangkok Post

A local publisher is giving poor children in remote areas of Laos the chance to read books for fun for the first time in their lives

Getting a Kick out of It Thailand

The Jerusalem Report

Don't let their cooing over cute little things fool you. These teen girls are no shirking violets in the ring

To the World with Love Burma

The Jerusalem Report

First aid, disaster preparedness, beekeeping – Israeli experts can help you out ... whether you are in Azerbaijan or the Solomon Islands

Rally to the Claws Cambodia

The South China Morning Post

A group of conservationists work tirelessly to save bears from bile farms and cooking pots

Shackles of a Brutal Past Cambodia

The South China Morning Post

Decades after the Killing Fields, many Cambodians across the impoverished countryside are still trying to come to terms with Pol Pot's murderous regime

The God King and I Cambodia

The Big Chilli

Woefully unversed in royal protocol and wearing a borrowed dinner jacket, I attend a lunch with King Norodom Sihanouk at Phnom Penh's Grand Palace

The Police’s ‘Midwife Unit’ Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

In perennially gridlocked Bangkok, a special unit of police officers helps deliver babies on roadsides and in the back of taxis

Trabant Odyssey Central Asia

The Christian Science Monitor

A much-maligned Soviet-era automobile comes into its own during a gruelling cross-continental trek

News That Needles the Generals Burma

The Christian Science Monitor

A Burmese dissident magazine keeps a close eye on one of the world's most oppressive and secretive regimes

For the Love of Puppets Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

An elderly man and his small troupe singlehandedly revived an ancient art form

Listening with their Eyes Burma

The Guardian Weekly

A special school in Rangoon seeks to break down age-old prejudices against deaf children

The Way We Were Hungary

The Jerusalem Report

An online chronicle of the rich and lively past of Central European Jewry is rushing to document stories from a lost world

After the Wave Thailand

The Jerusalem Report

In the wake of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami came some black-hatted hasidim on a mission to help

Yossi and the Headhunters Philippines

The Jerusalem Report

In In crime-plagued Manila, Israeli counter-terror veterans are selling security, and peace of mind, to the rich and famous

Faith amid the Fleshpots Thailand

The Jerusalem Report

A guitar-playing Orthodox rabbi gives thousands of Israeli backpackers a taste of home — and bails them out of trouble

The Jewish Club in Cell Block 2 Thailand

The Jerusalem Report

Drug runners study Torah, eat kosher, and pray for amnesty in the "Bangkok Hilton"


Trickle-down Effect Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Hilltribes in the Golden Triangle once grew opium. Now many of them are cultivating a cash crop with a legally sanctioned stimulant: coffee

Charmed to the Teeth Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Most Thais seek to fortify themselves against misfortune and even bullets by hoarding up on protective amulets. Charms deemed particularly potent can cost a fortune

Thaiger Style Thailand

The South China Morning Post

A gay fashion designer seeks to make LGBTQ acceptance cool with lavishly embroidered animal designs. In a shamanistic sort of way

A Boy's Wish Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Shazee, a stateless child of Pakistani Christian refugees, wants a Superman costume so he can fly away from the little room where he's hiding with his parents

Boom behind the boost Thailand

The South China Morning Post

The world’s top energy drink began in Thailand, but it took an Austrian to turn it into a global phenomenon by making it synonymous with high-octane sports

Requiem for a panther Thailand

UCA News

A construction magnate's killing of an endangered leopard has turned the spotlight on a pervasive culture of double standards

Father Bruno's cups of joe Thailand

La Croix International

Where hilltribes in northern Thailand once grew opium, they are now growing coffee. A Catholic priest helps them do it by brewing up a storm

Riding the storm Hungary

The Bangkok Post

Foreign students have become casualties in the rightwing Hungarian government's attempt to shut down a university in Budapest

A prairie dog's life Thailand

The South China Morning Post

Batman suits, cowboy outfits, evening dresses. Prairie dogs end up sporting them all in the hands of their doting Thai owners

Anything but cheese! Thailand

The Guardian

Snacking on a variety of creepy-crawlies is par for the course across much of rural Southeast Asia. So let's tuck in

Bloodied, Bruised and Dazed Thailand

The Jerusalem Post

A deadly bomb blast at a popular Buddhist shrine in the center of Bangkok leaves heartache and destruction in its wake

Heil McHitler! Thailand


In anything-goes Bangkok the Nazi dictator has found his latter-day alter egos in pandas, Teletubbies and Ronald McDonald

Faking it for TV Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

Lazy or plain dishonest, some journalists think nothing of staging events for the cameras during Thailand's devastating flood

Still Going Swimmingly Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

Unfazed by the country's worst flood in a half century, people in Bangkok's Chinatown go about their business as usual

Oscar the Dog Star Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

A furry ambassador from South Africa is making a case for stray dogs during his action-packed "World Woof Tour"

Grandpa Lee’s coffee Thailand

The Guardian Weekly

After seven decades, an elderly coffee maker continues to sell his homemade brew in the same little shop where he started out

Fakes Galore Thailand

The Guardian Weekly

Thailand's ubiquitous counterfeits, from cup noodles to Ferraris, now have their own private museum

A Buddhist Christmas Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

Yuletide decorations and paraphernalia are a big hit with happy-go-lucky Thais. Just don’t ask them about Jesus

Water Dance Vietnam

The Christian Science Monitor

A unique art form once performed in rice paddies and fish ponds is experiencing a revival

Jeepers Peepers Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

Many young Thais are gaga over iridescent "Big Eye" contact lenses in a bid to look like their favorite Japanese cartoon characters

Elephants for Haiti Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

Soliciting help cap in trunk, several jumbo-size fundraisers join relief efforts for earthquake victims

A Good Yarn Thailand

The Christian Science Monitor

A policeman, a tattooist, a tuk-tuk driver – they’re among Thais who have taken up knitting for a good cause

Anna Frank in the Killing Fields Cambodia

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

The Holocaust classic has new readers among the children of survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide

The Last Executioner Thailand

The Guardian Weekly

For Chavoret Jaruboon, dispatching prisoners with a submachine gun was nothing personal

Ghosts of a Bygone Past Malaysia

The Jerusalem Report

A family of Indian laborers has made its home in Penang’s Jewish cemetery for generations