Crying Shame

The Algemeiner

Some prominent Jewish opinion leaders will think nothing of making fatuous Holocaust comparisons, much to their disgrace

Blood Lust

The Algemeiner

Aspiring "martyrs" brutally murder some random people. Then they're lauded as heroes. Could it be there's something wrong with their society?

Atheists: a rant

Killing the Buddha

The mere fact of not believing in the supernatural doesn’t make you a well-grounded rational individual, let alone a humane soul

You Call That God?

Killing the Buddha

A prominent religious scholar’s arguments in defense of God’s existence just won’t wash

Adam’s Family Jewels

Killing the Buddha

Whatever Bible-thumping puritans may tell you, the Good Book is chockfull of lewdness and unwholesome sexual practices. You've been warned

Haters Incorporated

The Times of Israel

Self-styled "anti-Zionists" love excoriating the Jewish state any chance they get. Let them. It's not like they can help themselves.


The Land and the Book

The Jerusalem Report

The self-serving myths of a forever beleaguered people on a small piece of rugged real estate went viral in the ancient world. And so 'The Holy Land' was born

Under Siege

Taki's Magazine

Hungary drew plenty of flak over its responses during Europe's migrant crisis. Most of it was wholly undeserved

Farfour's Curse


In schools, in public and at home, Palestinian children are taught to hate with their ABCs and hate many of them duly do

Hashtag: #WeSurrender


After another epic crime by Islamic radicals, many Western Europeans seem desperate to look the other way and seek solace in "flower power"

Divine Confidence Trick

The Jerusalem Report

Moses, in confronting Pharaoh, exposes as a fraud the notion of any man possessing inherent superior virtue by birthright

Shoah on the Killing Fields

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Cambodia's genocide rivals the Holocaust in its root-and-branch destruction of lives, families and an entire culture

Damned Either Way

The Big Chilli

Thailand is a bachelor's paradise, yes, but you may well end up with your heart broken, nerves frayed and finances depleted


An Unbearable Lightness

The Times of Israel

No sooner does violence flare up again in the Middle East than sundry Jews will begin trotting out the usual rigmaroles

Pollyanna Policies


Why the European Union's approach to a mass influx of migrants is feckless, incoherent and criminally negligent

The Enemy Within

The Jerusalem Report

Jews who break the ranks on Israel are widely viewed as righteous dissidents. They should not be

Restating the Jewish State

The Algemeiner

Israel has come under renewed attack for its efforts to identify itself officially as a nation state for Jews. Double standards, anyone?

Copy, Paste, Repeat

The Bangkok Post

A pervasive copycat culture in Thailand's high schools and universities is a blight on both educational standards and the country's future

Stuck in the doldrums

The Bangkok Post

Thailand's shortcomings in all areas of education have consistently failed the country's students and now threatens its place as a regional powerhouse