Tibor Krausz

Tibor Krausz is a journalist, writer and editor. He has written about a wide variety of subjects from North America, Europe, the Middle East and all across Southeast Asia.


He is a correspondent for The Jerusalem Report magazine and The Christian Science Monitor. His articles have also appeared in The Washington Post, The Jerusalem Post, The Sydney Morning Herald, The South China Morning Post, The Guardian Weekly, The National Post and many other publications.


Highlights so far have included spending a week with a self-proclaimed Lost Tribe of Israel at a remote corner of northeastern India; nibbling foie gras at a private lunch with King Sihanouk of Cambodia at Phnom Penh's Grand Palace; dodging bullets in central Bangkok while reporting on a bloody army crackdown on anti-government protesters; and obtaining spiritual rebirth, so he was told, by laying in a casket during a cleansing ceremony at Thailand’s "Coffin Temple."